Monday, July 11, 2011

TRESemme thermal creations


i've always been on the lookout for a good mousse. i was pleasantly surprised by tresemme's thermal creations volumizing mousse. the product claims to work with heat somehow, resulting in voluminous hair.

mousse is a very important part of my hair regimen for the simple fact that i love big hair, especially because my hair is on the thinner side. i'll take a load of the product and massage it into my roots and down to the tips. after blowdrying, i notice the volume and love the feel of my hair. it's the best mousse i've tried. period. this product gives the appropriate amount of hold without feeling sticky or weighing my hair down. i find that the tease in my hair lasts a bit longer as well. definitely a repurchase item.

1 comment:

ambernicolee said...

I love mousse, I here it's great to put into dry hair too. I like the pink tressemme one, but maybe I'll give this one a try next!

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