Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lovely liquid makeup!


i find that the most significant similarity between the above foundations are their quality, which both deserve a thumbs up. i am the lightest shade in each, 110 in makeup forever hd and 001 ivory in revlon photoready.

i bought photoready after running out of the makeup forever hd. although i love hd, i didn't necessarily want to leave sephora 40 short again. i can say that i am pleased with this decision.

revlon's photoready foundation is a meduim, yet buildable coverage. it leaves a slightly dewy finish and i find it's results to be pretty flawless. this foundation contains spf 20, which is always a bonus. i wont go into how it photographs, because i don't really care about the quarrel of photos and sunscreen. the product makes my face look healthy. pretty simple. and at $11, that's not to shabby.

i still recommend makeup forever hd if you don't mind investing in higher end makeup. it is lightweight, coverage is medium, and the finish is natural. this foundation is beautiful and relatively undetectable.

top; makeup forever hd
bottom; revlon photoready

the formulation of revlon photoready has a slightly thicker consistency, but both are easily blendable and last decently on the skin. by far my favorite high end and drugstore foundations.


LOVEdodd said...

I'm going to try MUFE HD next! I chose Mat Velvet Plus last time over it but it's too matte for me.

ashleighjoan said...

i haven't tried the mat velvet, but that's good to know! i definitely prefer a glow, even with combination skin.

Ariyanti Tjiang said...

really good tone for my skin I think ;)

nice blog!

mind to follow my blog?
let me know when you did

DediLovesFashion said...

I should definitely try them.

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