Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Marshall's Adventure

A new shopping center recently opened near my location. Within this shopping center contains a new Marshall's, Charming Charlie, Target, and an Ulta. Naturally, I felt compelled to visit and shop where all of these glorious stores could be conveniently mapped near one another. 

I had never been to a Charming Charlie before, and while not completely enthralled with what it had to offer, it contained some worthwhile pieces for an affordable price. I tried to find something to buy, as I do, but I unfortunately left empty handed. Instead, the only place that I spent my money during this shopping adventure was at Marshall's.

Let's start with what we'll call my first purchase, even though I bought all of these items at the same time. This floral makeup bag is an essential in my opinion. For the longest time, I would put my toiletries and makeup items in high quality grocery store bags while traveling so that they wouldn't leak all over my clothes and things during transportation. This bag is nice because it's composed of a plastic material inside and out, making it rather easy to clean in the case of any spillage. It's an appropriate size; not being too large and not being too small. I can fit things inside without having to curse at it's zipper while trying to pull it shut. Where has a a bag like this been all of my life? I'm pretty sure I am the last person to own this kind of thing. The brand is "Forever England" and the Marshall's price was $9.99 compared at twenty dollars.

My most exciting purchase were these "BCBG" flip flops. I have been on the hunt for the perfect basic flip flop for a while now. Because there are an abundance of cheaply made foam-soled flip flops, it has been quite a challenge to find a pair of decent quality. When I spotted these in the clearance section (for thirteen dollars mind you) I immediately tried them on. I was surprised to find that they fit, which is lucky because they were the only pair and my shoe size varies from a 6 to a 7. It's exciting because for a next-to-nothing price, I scored decent summer footwear that will go with just about anything in my closet.

Lastly, I got some makeup-removing wipes. I'm always quite skeptical of buying cosmetics or any type of skincare from these types of stores. After reviewing the ingredients of these makeup whips, however, I discovered that they were much more beneficial than those of my typical Neutrogena wipes and much more natural. With that, these make-up wipes by "Blum" were about half the price at $3.99. This product does not contain synthetic preservatives, are paraben-free, does not contain sodium laural sulfate (which is an ingredient to look out for if you have sensitive, acne-prone skin), are alcohol free, hypo-allergenic, and pH balanced. They also contain organic tea tree oil and are not tested on animals. Beat that Neutrogena! I'll definitely never purchase makeup wipes at a drugstore again after this bargain.

Although this is a relatively small haul of items, I would consider my shopping trip a success. It's a nice thing to spend your money on things that you know you will get use out of, especially when you get them at a great price. Yay for Marshall's.

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