Friday, July 15, 2011

benefit creaseless cream shadow


i have a slight obsession with cream eyeshadows. the two i have from benefit are birthday suit, left, and strut, right. they're easy to sweep across the lid when in a hurry or to use them as a base for other shadows. although these products have a great staying power, i can't say that they don't crease after longwear. however, it doesn't take much effort to blend them back out with your finger.

birthday suit is a nice neutral, shimmery shade that is perfect for every day use. the darker shade, strut, can be applied with a light hand for day use as well, or you could use more of the product and smoke it up for a sexy evening look.

birthday suit. strut.


Michaela said...

Lovely colors :)

xx Michaela

Madeline (Maddy) Routon said...

Mm I love Benefit makeup, and cream shadows are the best because they don't make a mess on your face like powders! Great choices, love.

xoxo Madeline

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