Monday, August 8, 2011



scentsy is a company that offers a variety of warmers that melt scented wax. this product provides a safe way to keep your home smelling wonderful without the hazard that comes with lighting candles. not only are the scents enjoyable, but the different styles and colors of the warmers can be the perfect decorative piece.


scentsy has full-size, mid-size, and plug-in warmers. i chose a plug-in warmer in groovy white. it's such a cute little source of light!


the company offers over 80 wickless candle fragrances in the form of bricks or bars. you simply cut out a square of the wax and place it onto your warmer. when the warmer is turned off, the wax solidifies until it's switched back on.

i have two scentsy bars in sugar cookie and citrus sun tea. both scents smell delicious and authentic and they absolutely fill a room with their fragrance. there are so many other bars that i want from scentsy including blueberry cheesecake, baked apple pie, oats and honey, cucumber lime, cherry limeade, white tea and cactus, autumn sunset, satin sheets, and thunderstorm. it's difficult deciding on which fragrances to order next!


my sister, aimee, is a scentsy representative. if you'd like to purchase anything from the company, please check out her website here:


HeatherAMarie said...

Oh im so glad you liked these! I totally want to try one's perfect as a night lamp or a regular one to have for a party and fill the room with a great scent!

Tiffany said...

I love Scentsy!!! My favorite favorite scent is French Kiss! That's awesome that your sister sells it so you can smell them when you want.

ashleighjoan said...

@heatheramarie i definitely agree with you! they set such a great mood. i want to get a full-sized one for my coffee table!

@tiffany i'll definitely have to order french kiss! sugar cookie is aaamazing. there are so many scents that i want!

audrey marie said...

oh i really want to try these now!

Anonymous said...

thanks ashleigh! these are really neat, i wish i had time to actually make something like this, let alone blog more often.

Dale said...

Wow, I've never seen that top scent or brand before. These all look really nice. I just burned some food in my kitchen, so I wish I had this now. Lol

Very cute blog, following you now

I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

Charlotte said...

this looks sooo lush! i get what you mean by the normal candles, it gets annoying, but this looks like a great purchase! i use one of the ones where you put water in it and then you get this scented oil t hat you put in the water.. the only bad thing is that you can't leave it on for too long or the surface would burn :/ xx

November Grey said...

These sound great! x

Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson said...

Thank you so much for your comment :)
do you wanna follow each other? :)


Natalie said...

These look awesome!! I'm def thinking about trying them I love candles & these look even better :) thanks for the recommendation!

xo, Natalie

EvA said...

I am a fan of aroma stuff, def would try scentsy:)

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