Tuesday, July 12, 2011


so, i've just gotten home from running a few errands. here is a not-so-fancy outfit of the day. truthfully, this is what i live in.


just plain black yoga pants and a sweatshirt-like t-shirt from forever21. love the lace detailing on the shoulders. sunglasses are michael kors...tjmaxx.

on my feet...


i've had these frye sandals for about 3 years now. they're my absolute favorite and i wear them with about everything.

something you don't see...


this push-up bra is from khol's and i bought it for just over $20. it's coming slightly more green on camera, but it's actually a brighter blue. regardless, it is extremely comfortable and a great price. this bra has just enough padding that continues all the way down towards the bottom seam, preventing underwire digging. i'm definitely going back to get more in other colors.

comfort is key!


HeatherAMarie said...

I love outfits with yoga pants! I seriously live in leggings and they are my go to comfort source everyday... also the bra is super cute! xoxo!

Voe said...

I love the sandles, I have been looking for a decent pair of sandles for ages. But, at the moment they are always really over the top with the strapes and I prefer something a little bit more subtle.

I adore your blog so I will definitly come back to read more of your posts. I wish you lots of luck with it.

All the best,

ashleighjoan said...


i know exactly what you mean. i don't bother with strappy sandals most of the time because they can get i bit complicated. i just like to slip them on and go!

LOVEdodd said...

Love your top! Did you get it recently?

ashleighjoan said...

unfortunately, i did not buy it recently. but i feel like f21 come out with similar pieces all of the time.

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