Wednesday, July 27, 2011



today my boyfriend and i went to pf changs, one of our favorite restaurants. we get the same thing literally every time we go.


we started off with lettuce wraps, which are too die for. i could probably just order the wraps for my entree and be set if the chicken lo mein wasn't so delicious as well. we ordered the cheesecake for dessert and i pretty much hogged the crust.


what a muffin!


HeatherAMarie said...

love pf changs! and i get the exact same thing haha wonder why! :)

ashleighjoan said...

haha i know, heather. we're pretty much soul mates.

Marie said...

My husband and I would always order oolong marinated sea bass whenever we go to PF Chang's. Their lettuce wraps are good too.:D

***** Marie ******

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