Friday, August 12, 2011

products i do not recommend

Photobucketafter work one night, a few of my co-workers and i decided to go out. my hair was a little flat and i couldn't have that; so i went to pick up a small can of hairspray in order to tease the bejesus out of my hair. i purchaed l'oreal's elnett and figured that it would perform well due to it's infinite positive reviews.

i can understand the hype that comes from elnett. it gives a firm hold that lasts without leaving your hair feeling heavy, sticky, or too crisp. after spraying this product, it's easy to brush through hair for re-styling. sounds great, right? except that when i got back into my car to style my hair, i felt like i was trapped inside of big foot's dutch oven from hell within the first spritz. okay, even if it may not have been that bad, the smell was pretty horrendous.

i'm not normally sensitive to smells and can appreciate a product that works regardless of scent. elnett just smells like a potent chemical bomb that cannot be healthy for the lungs even from a mile away. because of this, i would not repurchase. would not recommend. no, thank you.

Photobucketneutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup interested me because many had compared it to nars sheer glow.

i think they were joking because this foundation does not even begin to compare to the texture, coverage, or quality of sheer glow. i get that it is a drugstore foundation, but this healthy skin liquid makeup has horrible pigmentation. aside from the lack of coverage, it's finish left my skin a bit dull.

if you're looking to get a quality foundation for a small amount of cash, i would recommend revlon photoready over anything else.

you can click here to read my review on photoready.


Pink Glam said...

Im the same way with the hairspray. I didnt like the smell at all. But I also found it was ok to brush through but not after a few sprays.

Savvy Gal said...

wow.... good to know. For me, i really like Kerastase hair spray.

HeatherAMarie said...

i sprayed the elnett after talking about it and it was disgusting! and its not even a cheap hairspray so i really can't believe the rave about it! much better cheaper choices out there!

Michaela said...

Lovely blog :)

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xoxo Michaela

The Cat Hag said...

Thanks for the reviews, I was actually really looking forward to trying out L'oreal Elnett. :)

The Cat Hag

Dolly Daydream said...

I also do not understand the hype over Elnett, I really do not think it is that good at all.
I have to be honest and say that, one day I bought the Co-op value hairspray, as it was the only one there at the time and I desparatly needed it, and it was fantastic! It really held my hair. It was also a very large can for half the price of Ellnett, which is so overpriced!

EvA said...

Thanx for warning! I got the same during the promo in NY, but haven't use it and probably won't ever!

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