Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fall haul: bath & body works


i'm a little butthurt about the fact that i missed out on the 2 for $20 deal on bath & body works candles. i picked up cinnamon sugared donut  in the 14.5 oz, anyway. i really am impressed with how authentic and absolutely delicious it smells. i would have also loved to bring home marshmallow fireside as well, which they did not have in the smaller size.

the smaller, 4 oz candles were 2 for $10. i purchased apple crumble and creamy pumpkin. as you may notice, i very much prefer food scents; especially fall-related. mmm!

the bottom of these candles say to trim the wick before each relighting. it took me a while to realize this, but it helps the candles to last longer. if you leave the wick alone and light, there's a bit of black smoke that can discolor the glass container and slightly alter the scent. so, that's good to know. they are nice quality candles, however.


i purchased one of the tin candle holders at the store. i was a little hesitant at first, but reassured once i lit my full-sized candle inside of it. i think it's super cute!


bath & body works also has a variety of decorative soaps. i bought a marshmallow scented one and a glittery, pink skull with the sweet pea scent (from their permanent line).

for a store i normally don't pay much attention to, i love what bath & body works has to offer this season. it makes me excited for fall, my favorite time of year!


Katie's Bliss said...

I love B&BW candles! I picked up some great ones on sale after the holidays and I adore them!

That soap looks really cute too!

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Tiffany said...

Wow I never knew you needed to trim the wick each time! I love how they have new candle holders come out.

Natalie said...

i love sweet scents! the cinnamon sugared donut candle looks amazinggg! yum :)


ashleighjoan said...

@tiffany i used to not like b&bw candles because of the black smoke they gave off. then i realized it was because i needed to trim the wick and now it's not an issue!

@natalie cinnamon sugared donut was probably my favorite scent in the store. that's why i purchased the full size. the candles in stock are great for this season! i find myself always wanting to light them, but i don't want to use them up too fast, haha.

Gina Michele said...

I had no idea you had to trim the wick either! Great tip- thanks!

♥ Gina Michele

Andee Layne said...

sugar cinnamon doughnuts?! i have to have one of these! these candles look amazing!

Fabrizia said...

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Summer-Raye said...

Girl I love B&BW! Love the candles as well! Follow my blog, and check out the giveaway!

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keschen said...

love the candle holder and the B&BW look pretty awesome!!
great post :)

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Ashley said...

Bath and body works always has the best scents for a new season- I can't resist them!

audrey marie said...

wish i woulda scooped some of these up while on sale!

G A B Y said...

OMG! Sugared donut, really? You just made me SO hungry!

BrittanyPaige said...

LOVE Bath & Body Works....I'm running out of soaps....need to stalk up ASAP!

Raquel C. said...

Nice blog ! Pretty *

Natalie said...

candles are the best...they give the room a relaxing aroma

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