Tuesday, September 6, 2011

holy grail and a fail: lip balm

i went to target a few nights ago, on the hunt for a new nivea a kiss of smoothness lipbalm because i had lost mine somewhere. i could not find the lip balm in the store, however, so i ended up with an organic one by botanics.



the description sounded  nice, adding how the shea butter contained in this product is from the karite nut and used by local women in west africa for cooking and skincare. unfortunately, the "power of plants" didn't do a lot for me this time around.

i find the balm's gritty texture to be an unpleasant experience along with the product dripping off of my lips due to it's super liquid form (i'm assuming that comes from the olive oil it contains). i do not feel as though it left my lips feeling more moisturized in the least and i only like the idea of an organic product if it works. definitely not worth the $6 and change that i paid.

on a much smoother note...pun intended, although i'm a little embarrassed about it, i found my nivea kiss of smoothness! i cannot begin to explain how moisturizing this product is. it glides across the lips, offering instant and lasting hydration. the lip balm contains jojoba oil, shea butter, and spf 4.


i have not really found a product that compares; mostly because other stick-form lip balms require you to press with force across already dry lips. this product is slightly addictive and a considerable purchase for just $2.99.

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